Co-op Business Member Commitments and Benefits

*Proposed Benefits: As the coop is formed, the board of directors will develop a financial model that serves the interest of the membership, meets US Forest Service guidelines and operates the mountain and village in a fiscally sustainable way. These proposed benefits are based on existing community owned operations and the unique needs of Bear Valley Resort. To read complete bylaws and disclosures, go to to bottom of this page.
Sustainability Business Commitments: 


An initial Sustainability Business membership investment of $2,500 per share

  • Shares may be purchased through a single payment or in 36 monthly installments of $70 with a $100 down payment. Total cost for installment plan is $2,620. Either way, you start enjoying the benefits immediately!

  • Your business can purchase as many shares as you wish to support the coop.


An annual membership commitment (AMC) of $300

  • If you join the coop as a business member before August 1st of any year, the AMC will not be due until Sept 1st of the following year. The AMC must be paid by September 1st to remain current and receive benefits. If you choose to purchase more than one business membership and you only need to activate one shares benefits, then you do not have to pay for more than one AMC each year. 




The most important benefit is that your business is now a co-owner of Bear Valley Cooperative! You help to determine the future of your Mountain, Village, and community through your right to vote for board members, attend the annual member meeting, vote on broad issues, and even become a board member yourself!


  • You are an owner in a cooperatively run local business.

  • You take an active role in securing a sustainable economy along Hwy 4 for BV Mountain and for your business.

  • You share in the mountain’s net proceeds if/when it would be sold to a third party. 

  • You may participate in the governance of the Bear Valley Mountain Co-op by voting in annual elections for the board of directors and special elections on major issues or you can run to serve on the board.

  • Every sustainability business membership has an equal vote in the control of our mountain with one vote per member (not one vote per share if you own multiple shares).

  • Your company will be eligible to recieve 10 weekend/holiday vouchers each season/share.

  • Unlimited number of weekday tickets for employees at 50% discount.

  • Profile and link on website.

  • Highlight of your business’s events and promotions thru e-blast mailing list. 

  • All businesses that purchase sustaining memberships before July, 31 2014 will have the business name put on a plaque in the Bear Valley Lodge as charter sustaining members. 


Note: All member benefits are fixed for a minimum of five years, and therefore are subject to change by a 50% vote of members in accordance with the bylaws of the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative. 


* Employee benefits and other special tickets will be determined by the mountain management.

Ryan Rich and Caroline Duell, Elemental Herbs, Co-op Business member, and Bear Valley homeowner 

Elemental Herbs wants to be a part of the second skiier owned coop in the United States because we support the coop model and the opportunity to help revitalize the local community. We plan to have company retreats and team builds to create stronger bonds within our company, employee benefits can be offered in reduced ticket and concession costs, and we plan to collaborate with other industry partners while doing what we love most: playing outdoors in the mountains.

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