The Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative was an informed evolution of form and function. From the passionate desire of a few homeowners to see Bear Valley reach its full potential to the encouraging town hall meeting, the evolution was both organic and cultivated. The Co-op exploratory team interviewed key individuals involved in the development of other alternatively managed ski areas including Mad River Glen Co-op, Bridger Bowl 501(c)4, Bogus Basin 501(c)3, and the Sugar Bowl homeowner model. The undeniable sense of ownership, ability to raise funds quickly, and less arduous process of legal and financial formation led to the final decision to form a cooperative.



Preserve the unique characteristics of Bear Valley Mountain through community leadership and investment. The cooperative believes that Bear Valley Mountain Resort is inextricably linked to the economic vitality of Bear Valley Village and the surrounding communities.


Cost for Bear Valley Mountain Co-op membership

A membership share in the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative is $2,500 for an individual which you pay only once. This share provides you with the right to vote, elect to receive member benefits, and have a say in designing the future of Bear Valley and its Ski area. You can pay for this share up front or over 36 months at $70/month with a $100 initial payment, but either way you receive membership benefits immediately upon joining.

The Co-op will continue to actively sell memberships in order to raise funds to continuously fulfill our mission community leadership and investments.


The membership may decide to raise the cost of membership in the future.


Agreement with Skyline

The cooperative will enter into contractual relationship with Skyline Bear Valley that will reflect out combined commitments to provide benefits to members, process for providing funds for improvements, shared governance, and financial commitments between the two groups. That contract will be included as part of our ratification process that members will vote on before the end of October of 2014.  


You can get your money back 

You can sell your share back to the cooperative if you decide that you no longer are connected to Bear Valley or move away from the area (fee may apply and repayment may be delayed if funds are unavailable).


Additional costs

In order to activate your benefits (see details under benefits) there will be a $300 annual “Annual Membership Commitment” (AMC) payable to the resort operator (Skyline). The AMC is paid each year in April and the amount is then converted into "Bear Bucks" which can be used to purchase your season pass, lift tickets, locker room rental, mountain services, or retail store merchandise at any Skyline owned and operated stores and service providers. The first AMC is due the year FOLLOWING your membership share purchase.  If for some reason you do not need the individual benefits, you can elect to NOT pay this amount and you will still retain the right to vote and participate in governance of your cooperative. 


How it is organized

The Co-op is registering as a non-profit 501c(4) corporation with the IRS and is incorporated with the California Secretary of State. The board will form committees focused on specific areas of expertise; financial, operations, and marketing using members that have expertise in those areas.


How it is governed

The members elect a volunteer board of directors who serve for 3 years to fulfill the fiduciary duty, duty of loyalty and duty of care to the coop. They must abide by the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws.

In addition Skyline Investments will hold one board seat on the Co-op Board and the Co-op will have one Board Seat on the Skyline-Bear Valley Board.

About The Cooperative

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