Bear Valley Cooperative Principles of Success


Through our many contacts with members of the community and our own board of directors discussion of what is needed for the Bear Valley Cooperative to be successful, we have drafted this list of Principles Of Success that are guiding our process and planning for the Bear Valley Mountain Resort and Village. 


The Village and Mountain must be connected seamlessly via a strong partnership utilizing people, systems, and eventually an effective and efficient chairlift system that links the two. 


The Village development must happen in a way that brings new visitors with benefits to Bear Valley homeowners, locals, and highway 4 businesses. It is not how many new buildings we build, but what buildings are built and how they are utilized.


The experience of a sustainable Bear Valley includes entertainment, dining, services and affordable access to diverse year round recreational activities.


Employee housing is essential. Bringing year round residents BACK to Bear Valley is a must through comprehensive housing and staffing practices. 



Snow sports deserve to remain affordable and approachable to a broad population by keeping Bear Valley reasonably priced to attract entry level users and young families while enabling access to amazing terrain for all levels of enthusiasts.


A professional and experienced major resort operator or General Manager will be hired to manage the mountain operations, with employees who are proud to deliver a culture and product experience that end users will embrace and appreciate.


Our infrastructure needs to be improved and upgraded to improve the resort’s competitive position, while maintaining affordable access.


An experienced hospitality professional, with a proven track record, will be hired to manage the Village Lodge and commercial center to create an enjoyable experience for guests and visitors. 


The Village Lodge and commercial center are NOT up to par and will need to be improved or replaced. 


A cooperative IS strongest and most rewarding when its members contribute collectively to the process through comment periods, voting and participation in determining the future of Bear Valley. 
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