Co-op + Skyline Member Benefits

The co-op members voted to ratify the co-op bylaws and collaborative business agreement with Skyline in December of 2014. The business agreement enables participating members to be eligible for certain benefits in exchange for their co-op membership and annual purchases at the resort. 


BVMC and Skyline Collaboration 

The collaborative business agrement enables members to maintain benefits, have an impact on Bear Valley's future, and share in the governance of the Resort. To read more about the collaboration go to the Skyline + Co-op Membership link. 


  • You get benefits: For your co-op share investment and Annual Membership Commitment(AMC), you are eligble for a substantial number of benefits including discounted and free passes, vouchers, and discounts atmost Bear Valley Skyline Resort opertated businesses incuding restaurants, ski school, rentals and others. 

  • You get improvements: In its first season Skyline has made signficant improvements to the resort in snowmaking, improved customer service, and working with the co-op, we plan to make substantial improvements to the resort and village moving forward. 

  • You have no risk to you or the co-op: As shareholders, members are not liable for the liabilities or losses of the Co-op.  Members' only risk is the amount each has invested. Under the Skyline model the financial risks of operating the mountain are assumed by Skyline. If the resort is sold Skyline will return your share, less Co-op operating expenses,  if the Co-op does not move forward with the new partner. 

  • We have shared governance: In our planned alignment, the cooperative will champion projects that are important to our members and we hold the purse strings as to how the cooperative money should be spent. We will also have a voting seat on the BV/Skyline board and will be kept aware of topics that impact the mountain and the cooperative.



Co-op Member Commitments

The benefits outlined here are detailed within the Bear Valley-Skyline and BVMC agreement.


Initial one time individual investment of $2,500 per share. Shares may be purchased in a single payment or in 36 monthly installments of $70 with a $100 down payment. Total cost for installment plan is $2,620. Either way, the Member enjoys the Coop benefits immediately!


  • Membership is open to California residents over 18 as long as they purchase a share.

  • A Member may purchase more than one share.

  • Benefits are open to existing members as long as they pay the Annual Membeship Commitment(AMC)


An annual membership commitment (AMC) of $300 that can be applied a wide variety of resort products and services available at the Mountain and Village. 


Co-op Member Benefits

The most important benefit is that you are now a co-owner in the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative! You will help to determine the future of Bear Valley and the community through your right to vote for board members, participate in  the annual member meeting, vote on broad issues, and even become a board member yourself! 


Note: All member benefits below are fixed for a minimum of five years, begining the 2014-15 Season. 


  • Members will be refunded their share investment, less Co-op operating expenses, if the mountain is ever sold to a third party and the purchaser does not continue maintain the same working relationship with the Co-op.

  • Members will receive a 15% discount on their season pass with a free pass protection plan, (as offered by the resort to other season pass purchasers). The Season Pass discount will be based on the price in effect at the time of purchase (note: this program starts with the 2015/16 season). 

  • Members 70 and wiser get a free season pass if their AMC is current. 

  • Members’ children ages 13 and under (as of January 1) get a free season pass.  This benefit is available only if the member’s AMC is current and their children are registered before the September 30th deadline.

  • Members who do not purchase a season pass can purchase, for Member use only, up to 5 weekend/holiday tickets at a 30% discount and unlimited non-holiday midweek tickets at a 50% discount.

  • Members will receive 2 lift tickets vouchers.*

  • Members will receive 2 ski school lesson vouchers.*

  • Members will receive 2 rental equipment vouchers.*

  • Members will receive a 15% discount on locker rentals, pending availability. 

  • Members will receive a 50% discount on preferred parking, space permitting.

  • Members will have free ski check if offered.

  • Members will receive a 15% discount for BVM products and services. (Food and beverage, equipment rentals, retail shops, ski and snowboard lessons, seasonal youth programs, tuning services). 

  • Members will receive a 15% discount on other products offered by BVM in the future.  (Examples may include tubing, other recreational activities, summer activities, village retail and food and beverage). 

  • Members are invited to ski and board for free on the Coop’s Annual Meeting Day in April.

  • If the resort offers a First Track program or event to the public, Members may participate at no cost, conditions permitting.

  • Members will receive a free subscription to the Coop’s Newsletter.

  • Members who purchase a share by November 30, 2014 will have their names added to the Coop’s Charter Members Plaque displayed prominently in the lodge.


* Vouchers are not valid peak days(see for details.) Lesson vouchers are not valid for private lessons or Cub Club. Rental vouchers are not valid for demo gear.



Note: The Member may use the 15% discount on non-ticket goods and services, outlined above, for them, their spouse or partner, and the member’s children ages 25 and under.


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