Key Documents To Review



Voting documents: 


In order to formalize the Cooperative and the collaborative business agreement between Bear Valley Mountain Resort and The Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative, we asking all paid members to participate in a member vote.


You are being asked to review the documents on this page (click and download them to view or print) and return to the email that sent you to this page. You will click on the membership voting link and voter key provided.  


  1. Co-op Board Resolution to ratify bylaws and agreement, dated 11-30-14

  2. Co-op Revised Bylaws, dated 11-24-14

  3. BVMR Collaborative Business Agreement between Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative and Sklyine Bear Valley Resorts, dated 11-24-14

  4. Co-op Funding Policy overview 11-24-14 (for informational purposes only) 


The Cooperative Board encourages all members to vote yes on the attached resolution. If you have any questions, please email is at 

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