Individual Endorsements

Below are just a few examples of individuals and businesses that have stepped up and joined the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative! We asked some of them to say a few words about what motivated them and about Bear Valley. Please read below. If you would also like to be included as an endorsement, send an email via the Contact Us page. 

Alpine County Chamber Of Commerce

"The board believes that BVMC (Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative) has the leaderhip capability to assist the chamber in the collective goal of developing new businesses and commercial vitality while sustaining existing businesses in Alpine Couty. ...We believe the BVMC's current proposal and their mission of cooperative ownership has tremendous potential to successfully transform Bear Valley...." 

Bob Roberts, President & CEO, California Ski Industry Association 

"Your enterprising vision for Bear Valley's future is in keeping with the innovation the times require. There is no question that you are breaking new ground with this undertaking. The cooperative structure is unique, but so is the opportunity. Your advantage lies in the strength of your foundation. The structure you have created is both sophisticated and practical. Three of your members are highly respected members or past associates of the CSIA."  

Joe Morgensen, MD & Ski Patrol Volunteer at Bear Valley Mountain

"I am strongly in favor of the CO-OP plan and have bought a share for Diane and I and a share for each of my 2 adult children.  This is our chance to own a little piece of the place we love and even vote for the controlling board.  Instead of complaining or just wishing things would change this is our opportunity.  If you own anything on highway 4, the cost of the membership is minor compared to the economic loss if the ski resort fails. Please go to the website, read it detail and vote with your membership purchase. Joe


Mark Korte, First Co-op membership. Founder Bear Valley Bike Club

"I am proud to be the FIRST member to join the Bear Valley Co-op! I have owned a property for about 11 years within 10 miles of the ski hill. I feel that the family atmosphere and learning programs need to be kept for future generations. What better way than entrusting it’s future to those that have the greatest interest in Bear Valley! I felt the membership of $2500 was a small price to pay for the future fun for my grandchildren. I looked at the background of the organizers, this is not their first rodeo and they seem to be well motivated."

Tim and Vicky Johnson for Tamarack Lodge at Bear Valley

"We are happy to participate in this business opportunity and feel the CO-OP will benefit our business in the future. We recommend other businesses on Highway 4 to partake in this venture."

Louis and Molly Bisbiglia homeowners, coop member.

"We have been home owners since 1994. Our family absolutely enjoys everything Bear Valley ski resort has to offer. I learned how to ski on this mountain thirty years ago and this year my wife and I taught all three of our kids how to ski at this family friendly venu.  Bear valley and the surrounding area is a unique and wonderful place. When I was presented with the opportunity to support the mission I reviewed the plan, weighed the risks and asked myself a simple question, When will I ever get a chance to be a part of a group that is going to buy a mountain? Just the thought of this gets me excited and energized to spread the word about the area and the project. Under this new ownership opportunity my family will be able to continue making wonderful memories."


Holly, Chris, Jack, Ryan & Julia Erickson-King, Blue Lake Springs Homeowners

"Skiing at Bear Valley was one of the major enticements to buying our home in Arnold nine years ago. We are excited at the prospect of a community-run ski resort and look forward to preserving the unique, family-friendly Bear Valley atmosphere."

Dave and Kandas Vaccarezza, Co-op member

"I and my wife own a business here in Alpine County as well as Calaveras County. Both counties have been our playground for our entire lives. We've enjoyed skiing, hiking, fishing and camping in this wonderful region of California. I now make my living here. This project brings with it a true sense environmental stewardship to this beautiful countryside. It is also imperative to the economic health of of the entire Ebitts Pass corridor. This effort will sustain and create jobs for generations to come. Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of local history."

Mike Borean, Co-op Business Member, Candidate for Calaveras County Supervisor, District 3.

I have been skiing at Bear Valley since lace-up boots and bear-trap bindings. My siblings and my oldest son have been instructors and ski coaches at Bear over the years. The success of Bear Valley is integral to the future success of Arnold and Calaveras County. I am proud to take part in this exciting opportunity by contributing to the continued success of Bear Valley.

Gordon Ritter, Coop member, Homeowner, BVRI Board Member, and Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

"I have always believed in the dream that is Bear Valley. While the intentions have seemed good in the past, nobody has made that dream come to life. This is an opportunity for each of us to take ownership of making Bear Valley the amazing place that it deserves to be. The coop group has a solid plan and I fully support their efforts."

Ryan Rich and Caroline Duell, Elemental Herbs, Co-op Business member, Bear Valley homeowner 

Elemental Herbs wants to be a part of the second skiier owned coop in the United States because we support the coop model and the opportunity to help revitalize the local community. We plan to have company retreats and team builds to create stronger bonds within our company, employee benefits can be offered in reduced ticket and concession costs, and we plan to collaborate with other industry partners while doing what we love most: playing outdoors in the mountains.

Eric Jung, BVRI Board member and Bear Valley resident

“Waiting to commit is a way to guarantee that the coop's offer loses out to another buyer. Don't wait! We may not know anything about other potential buyers, but we know about the coop, and it's extremely unlikely that any other buyer will be as Bear-Friendly as the coop. Don't over-think this. If the coop loses to another buyer, you get your money back."

Henry Lau, Co-op member with 5 membership shares

“We purchased 5 shares even though we have never been to Bear Valley. We like the idea of being part of the community in keeping it open to us and everyone to enjoy. We read about the cooperative in SFGate and want to help in any way that we can. Our recommendation is to renovate your lodge so that guests have a nice place to stay and will want to return a second time. I once stayed at the Inn at Boreal and never return there again."

Mike Wallenfels, Co-op member, homeowner, and BVMC Board member

"Signed up for a business and individual membership. The concept of having the community taking control of its own future is both novel and powerful! The moment the concept was first discussed it just made sense. Being one of the founders of Mountain Hardwear in my past business life, this brings back the feeling that something amazing is about to begin!"

Sean Venezia, Co-op member and Homeowner

"Many young families targeting the purchase of their first homes consider a cul de sac close to a school or park as the optimal location for their young children to live and play. It makes no sense how or why the "best and brightest" on Sand Hill Road, at Google or Lawrence Livermore Labs can't see that Bear Valley is essentially a giant natural cul de sac 3 1/2 hours from the Silicon Valley for those that love the enjoyment and beauty of outdoor winter and summer sports."

Presley and Steve Troyer, Co-op members and Bear Valley Homeowner

"Our first trip to Bear Valley was in 1997 for our anniversary on a glorious fall weekend and we immediately fell in love with the area. We have been fortunate to build many family memories with our children and they almost consider Bear Valley their first home. The friends from the Bear Valley community we have made will be ours for a lifetime; we have watched each others kids grow up and have shared quite a few birthdays. For us, Bear Valley is not just a year round destination resort, but a special place where we feel most at home and among friends. We are proud to be coop members since it sill both preserve and improve Bear Valley for generations to come."

Bill and Gloria English, Co-op member and Homeowner

"My wife Gloria and I are excited about the co-op. We have been coming to Bear Valley since 1991 and are eager to get involved in the efforts to make this an amazing resort and village once again! We have already purchased 2 memberships and love the benefits being offered. We have a software consulting business and from my own experience the cooperative team has quickly answered any concerns or questions that we have had. Great work!"

Carol, Curtis, Katrina and Kiley Panasuk, Co-op members and Big Trees home owner

"When asked to be a part of the Bear Valley Coop we jumped right in without hesitation! Our family has enjoyed skiing at Bear Valley for the last 7 years with our kids have on the ski teams for 5. Skiing is really important for our teens and helps to balance their very busy academic lives. We have a cabin in Big Trees and enjoy the summers there, but in the winter our hearts belong to the Bear Valley Mountains!"

Paul Hammel and Celeste Baranski, Co-op members

"As 30 year beneficiaries of this community, we are pleased, and grateful, to be able to invest in its continuation."

Gary Rudy, Co-op member

"My first trip to the Bear Valley area was in 1957 while camping with my parents, brother, and sister at Lake Alpine. I have been coming to Bear Valley area ever since and my wife and I feel the need to be part of the process to build a sustainable village and ski area. Investing in the CO-OP is viable solution to achieve this goal and keeping my Bear Valley experiences alive for my children and grand children to enjoy in the future."

Rob Weis, Co-op member

Valley will only flourish if those that are passionate about the mountain take active role in its future. We cannot rely on an outside investor to maintain the mountain in a manner consistent with the vision that the COOP, which is to preserve its uniqueness.

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