Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become a shareholder? 

A share in the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative costs $2,500 for an individual. Shares may be purchased through a single payment or in 36 monthly installments.

What are the benefits of being a member? 

Besides being a voting owner of your local cooperative, you will have access to member benefits including offers from participating Co-op businesses. The Board is conducting active research with members to define these benefits.

Can I sell my share? 

Your membership can be sold back to the Co-op and your membership fee will be returned in full minus a $250 transfer fee. Repayment of your membership fee is contingent on available funds. It is always our hope that if you will decide to sell you will have your share repurchased by a friend or family member.

Am I liable for any financial or personal liability risk incurred by businesses in which the Co-op invests? 

No. Your liability and financial risk is limited to your $2500 share cost. The cooperative is a California Cooperative Corporation which protects the individual investors from liability and financial risks associated with any business. In addition the Co-op does not have any operational or P&L responsibilities itself. It only owns partial or full interestst in operating companies.

What happens if the Co-op is ever sold? 

If the Co-op is sold we will return nearly your complete share investment and/or any pro-rata premium over the established value of the Co-op. 

How many shareholders are there? 

The BVM Co-op has currently registered a limit of 5000 members with the state of California, but can get started with a much smaller number. This limit may be increased in the future if need to be. As of August 2018 there are approximately 425 members with 435 shares outstanding. 

The Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative will continue to sell memberships shares indefinitely and a large Co-op has strength in numbers and diversity.

How can I get involved?

Buy a membership share! Educate yourself on the issues and vote. Offer your expertise when the need arises: engineering, fundraising, financial analysis, web design, etc. Talk it up to neighbors, chairlift partners, friends and family or have your business or the company you work for purchase a Sustainability Certificate. 

Can a business become a member? 

No. The business membership is no longer an option. Businesses that have purchased a share should convert to individual shareholder status. Also it is expected that Skyline will offer a business sponsorship program

Can I buy more than one share? 

No. But each share owner may purchase an alternative investment, a Bear Note, effectively a convertible loan to the Co-op which is detailed in the Co-op Overview section of our site. 

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