Bear Valley Mountain Coop Donor List


We would like to thank the following people and organizations for donating to the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative to help cover our start up and due diligence expenses. Many of us are donating substantial time and energy to help make this effort come to life, but the following people, organizations, and businesses have contributed hard cash to help cover expenses! To donate today, please go to this link.

Bear Valley Residents, Inc (BVRI)

Joe and Diane Morgensen

Jim and Betty Locke

Larry and Victoria Johnson

Brian and Susan Mayall

John Barclay and Mary Hynes

George Hall & Dayoan Rivera

Thomas Caldwell

Paul & Diane Petersen

Jesse Markham

Michael & Malini Bechauf

David, Mary & Rachel Engelbrecht

Tom & Kim Lemieux

Charles and Doris Michaels

Holly and Chris Erikson-King

Mark Tholke and Freya McCamant

James Walker


Martin and Jill Wegenstein

Peter and Susan Wolcott


Ann Wolff in the name of BVTC

Gary Goddard in the name of BVTC

Jema Kimmel in the name of BVTC

Morley Singer in the name of BVTC

Murphys Design Center and All-Craft

Mark Schiller

Michael & Pamela Azevedo

Joyce & Jerry Shefren

Kathryn Henkens

Mike & Cate Wallenfels

Penny Ablin and Kerry Kilgore

Dane and Julie Anderson

Frances Tibbits

David Jaques and Dianne Edmonds


Celeste Baranski and Paul Hammel

Mountain Riders Alliance, LLC

Presley & Steve Troyer

Jay & Julie Zeilenga

Valerie and Donald Magalhaes

Mark Korte

Mark and Stephanie Van Loon

Christopher Kantarjiev

Rick Stephens

David Loudy

Ladd Smith

John and Tessa Ennals

Philip Simon and Terry E. Nebenand 

John Lockhart


Rit and Sue Lyon

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