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About Skyline Investments

The Co-op announced a collaborative effort at Bear Valley between Skyline Investments, Inc in early August and the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative will continue to provided details on the options and plans going forward as we finalize the contractual and working relationship between both groups. You can read up on Skyline and what the Co-op collaboration means for you and Bear Valley on this page and through the following links. 


Reasons To Join

Member Benefits 

BVMC Co-Funding Plan


Co-op Delivers A Unique Member Based Collaboration 

Operating a variety of resorts near the metropolitan area of Toronto, Skyline offers a club based program that they call SkyLife which provides members with year round access to their ski, golf, sailing, and hotel properties for a membership fee and monthly dues. The Co-op effort provides a community voice, member base, and strategic funding that alignes with Skyline's existing model for resort development. You can learn more about Skyline, SkyLife, and how your Co-op membership plays a role on the link below.


Skyline + Co-op Membership

Options Considered By Co-op Board
1. Dissolve the Co-op - Skyline Forms Bear Valley 'SkyLife' Club

 > Congratulate our 915+ members on gaining community and local support for the future of Bear Valley!

 > Roll out process to accurately account for each paid membership and refund within 30 days

 > Notification of refund process by email, web site, and FaceBook

 > Refund check within 30 days of request or by end of September

 > Skyline create new member based Skylife program specific to Bear Valley


2. Maintain Co-op Independence - Enter Into Collaboration Agreement

 > Independent Co-op organization that maintains goals of BVMC

 > No responsibility for financial losses of the resort

 > Maintain benefits program for individual members (no longer offer Business Memberships)

 > Accelerate capital improvements through membership approved Co-op funded projects 

 > Combined governance with elected voting seats on each board (Skyline/Bear Valley and BVMC) 


The Cooperative Board has unanimously decided that keeping the Co-op intact is the single best option for members to have an impact on Bear Valley's future, maintain benefits, and share in the governance of the Resort and Village. 


The Board's recommendation will be submitted to members for a vote after Skyline actually closes on the mountain purchase.  Members who elect to withdraw will be able to do so at that time in an orderly process.


  • You get benefits: For the same amount of co-op share investment, you still get the same benefits that you would have had in orignial Co-op plan plan. 

  • You get faster improvements: Skyline brings about the same amount of capital to the table starting year 1 that the cooperative would have raised in 3 years. 

  • No liability to you or the co-op: As shareholders, members are not liable for the liabilities or losses of the Co-op.  Members' only risk is the amount each has invested. Under the Skyline model the financial risks of operating the mountain are assumed by Skyline. If the resort is sold Skyline will return all money invested by the cooperative if we do not move forward with the new partner. 

  • We have shared governance: In our planned alignment, the cooperative will champion projects that are important to our members and we hold the purse strings as to how the cooperative money should be spent. We will also have a voting seat on the BV/Skyline board and will be kept aware of topics that impact the mountain and the cooperative.


Next Steps for Members

We will continue to publish new pages that detail the proposed relationship with Skyline, options available to members, timeline to vote on this new direction, and details for processing refunds for members that choose not to continue with the cooperative membership after this change. 


  • Week of August 11th: Notify members and community about proposed change from ownership to collaborative involvement


  • Week of August 18th: Communicate details of benefits, combined structure, and proposed improvements


  • August 18th to 29th: Allow time for members to understand the change, benefits, and proposed improvements. Begin process to request membership cancellation and refund for all paid amounts


  • October (date TBD) - The Board's recommended resolution will be submitted to members for a vote shortly after Skyline actually closes on the mountain purchase.  The closing will coincide with the issuing of the forest service permit which is expected sometime in October. 


We will confirm and update all members and the community on these events and dates as we get closer. 

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