Project: Skyline & Village Lift

Co-fund critical improvements

                              ...collaborate on long term Village Lift

Skyline Relationship


Re-engaging with new Skyline management now

  • V.P. Jonathan Reid and G.M. Adrian Lund positive on re-connecting

  • Perspectives & priorities differ, but much common ground exists

  • Engagement Strategy: 

    • BVMC supports Skyline’s top priority projects

    • Skyline supports our Village Lift effort (BV $, Skyline’s ski area)

  • Targeting modest but meaningful joint capital project in 2019

  • Seek modest benefit program, consistent with $’s invested


Current Status

  • Agreement in principle on objectives, developing partnership framework

  • Exploring improvements to "trailhead" transportation (the Village bus)

  • Reviewing financials, priorities, current challenges

3-5 Year Village Lift Effort

2-Phase Village Lift strategy refresh – the two route strategy

  • “Approved” route runs out to Sunrise Bowl, then up Koala Ridge

  • BVMC approached Village Landowners with proposal to fund Village Lift

    • Dundee prefer to build Village Lift coincident with Master Plan development

    • Dundee opposed to a scaled-back, lower cost version 

    • Post discussion, BVMC Board of Directors agrees with Dundee’s analysis/conclusion

  • The Ultimate Village Lift for tomorrow (link to map):  a lodge-to-lodge gondola, up & downhill, bus replacement, significant increase in capacity (+100k skier visits)

  • Village Lift for today:  Bear Top, new terrain, adv & int skiers, uphill, affordable

    • Collaborate with Skyline on routing & approvals for Bear Top lift, plus interim improvements to village transportation (the bus)

    • We will stay flexible on route, equipment, alternatives, etc.

Still a long shot, but why not… it’s a game changer!

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