Co-op Structure - Bylaws and Disclosures

Co-op Vision

Develop and enhance recreational opportunities in greater Bear Valley, both winter and summer. 

Co-op Mission

Move Bear Valley forward while preserving its unique characteristics through community leadership and investment. The cooperative believes that Bear Valley's success as a resort is inextricably linked to the economic vitality of Bear Valley Village, local businesses and the surrounding community..


Co-op Purpose

The purpose of the Co-op is to provide community based leadership in accordance with our Vision and Mission as well as specific seed investment capital support that will help accelerate the development of Bear Valley into an attractive, compelling, and sustainable year round destination resort.


Co-op Structure 

Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative 2, Incorporated (“BVMC2,” “Cooperative” or “Co-op”) is a California consumer cooperative corporation pursuant to Title 1, Division 3, Part 2 of the California Corporations Code.  It is organized and operated under California Corporations Code Sections 12200 and following, with office and mailing address of PO Box 5356 Bear Valley, California, 95223.

Bear Valley Cooperative and its members elect a board of directors that represents a mix of residents, homeowners, and business owners with diverse backgrounds in areas that would benefit the ongoing needs of the mountain, village, and community. Each BOD term is 3 years and they serve on a volunteer basis through a membership voting process managed by the co-op board.


After the cooperative elects a BOD they will form committees that will specialize in areas that reflect the ongoing needs of operating the cooperative in a sustainable way and that fulfill the vision and mission of the cooperative.


Mountain and Village Investments

The Co-op board will be responsible to develop and maintain an ongoing strategic investment plan for Co-op funds. The purpose of these investments is to augment and accelerate capital improvements for co-op-owned or related businesses. It is the policy of the co-op that an investment of greater than $1M by the co-op will require approval of the members. The board will solicit feedback on other investment options via surveys, discussions with members and in our annual meeting in August.


The current Board serves for staggered terms.  Each year two Directors' terms will therefore expire, and the membership elects new or re-elect existing board members that reflect the needs of the cooperative. BOD members are volunteers and serve 3 year terms. It is important that there is a diverse representation of homeowners, business owners, residents, homeowners, and others that use the various co-op businesses  and related facilities.

Annual Meeting 

Every year there will be a membership meeting that will be used to inform the membership about the actions of the board, financial status, strategic planning, benefits, and other concerns of the membership. This is also an event where members can raise issues and discuss topics directly with their board. It is also a free and fun ski day on the hill.This meeting is scheduled for the first Saturday in August of each year. 


Membership Sales

You may sell your share(s) back to the cooperative  if you decide that you no longer are interested in the Co-op, or move away from the area (a $250 fee applies and repayment may be delayed if funds are unavailable).

Click the documents below to download and read the complete Bylaws and the Disclosure document before joining the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative. The bylaws, disclosure and use of funds documents were ratified by a vote of the charter membership in December of 2014 and updated by the Board in November 2018.
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